Dinner Reservations

Date/Time Event Details
09/06/2016 - 06/06/2017
All Day
Masonic Meal Plan 2016-17
Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, Boston MA


After great success last year, we return this year with the 2016 Masonic Meal Plan (MMP). The MMP is paid for ahead of the first meeting in September and covers your meals throughout the entire masonic year. We have nine dinner meetings and one table lodge this year. Each dinner meeting runs $20, for a total of $180 for Regular Communications plus $40 for the single Table Lodge. The total cost for the year’s dinners is $220. However, under this program the lodge is offering one free meal, bringing the cost of the MMP to a flat $200. The MMP allows you to pay for all these meals at once in September, never having to remember to have cash available at meetings or make a reservation.
Please understand that the MMP is simply a choice we are providing you. Not every man is in a position nor has a desire to pay upfront for their year of meals. That is perfectly well. Please note two important details about the MMP:
1. If you cannot make the dinner meeting, you will not receive a refund. However, you may pass your meal onto another brother and settle up with him.
2. The MMP locks you in at a rate for the year. Meaning, if our rate increases during the year, you will be unaffected.
If you would like to pay with cash or check, you may do so at the meeting on September 6.