May Communication (Notice)

Brethren, this will be one Lodge meeting you’ll not want to miss! This May 5th, we will be raising three candidates to the sublime degree of Master Mason. These candidates have been working for many months learning their obligations and meeting their to-be fellow brothers. Please come to support and enjoy eloquent ritual by our Officers and Past Masters while we raise these fine gentlemen to the highest degree in our [blue lodge] craft! During the course of the evening, we will have some business to conduct as well as donations to present.

Following the regularly scheduled meeting, we will have dinner in the Grand Masters dining room. Chef David will have a beautiful London Broil and fresh green salad for us followed by cheese cake with fresh berries. We will also have available Sonoma valley Cab and some cold brew.

Reservations are required. Please ensure you make a reservation with Brother Joe S. by May 1. Email him your reservation at: OR make your reservation right here on our website!